Let GeekTool tell you, which of your Skype contacts are online

This is a thing I wanted to do for long in GeekTool, but the SkypeAPI wasn’t fully implemented in earlier releases of Skype for Mac. Now the API has been updated and I could realize my dream of coercing GeekTool to display all of my Skype Contacts who are online, including – if they entered one – their mood text. The script also drops the echo123 test contact from the list which is only used to check your connection and setup.

Now invoke it from GeekTool using the following line (substituting [path] with the actual path to the file):

echo 'Skype:'; osascript [path]/SkypeOnlineUsers.scptd | tr , "\n" | iconv -f UTF-8 -t L1

The call doesn’t put much strain on your system so you can set refresh somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds.
If this is popular I might do a similar thing for Adium.

Update: I updated the code because it didn’t work properly on other computers. If you downloaded this before, please try again. Note that I saved the script into a bundle now, so the file-extension has changed to . scptd

Update #2: I have rewritten the code again, now it should seriously work better for other people. Sorry for everybody who had trouble getting this to work! Please notice that the file suffix has changed back to .scpt.

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